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Senior Infants Rm 6

Cake Sale


Our cake sale was a HUGE success. We had so much fun selling to all the bigger girls who came the to the hall and we raised lots of money for maths equipment to help us learn next year.





Ice Cream Fun



Science – Float or Sink?


Recently we all went to the kitchen to conduct some experiments together.  Teacher asked us to estimate first to see if we thought the item would float or sink.  Then we tested it.  We were surprised to find some things that we thought would sink to the bottom didn’t.  Did you know an apple can float and so can a lollipop stick?!




Show and Tell.

Some pictures of the recent Show and Tell in our room.  It was great fun


Farewell Grace


We had a send off party for Grace in the sunshine last week. The girls were treated to ice creams and jellies.




Recently we have been learning how to measure and have had great fun using different measurement tools such as straws, lollipop sticks and cubes to measure things around our classroom.


We really enjoyed when sixth class came into do Shared Reading with us.  Our teacher really enjoyed it as she was thrilled to see her old class being so kind and working well with her current class.   It was lovely to see old and younger working together.





Some of our recent displays outside our classroom.   Look at our marvellous work”





Today we had great fun testing to see if a variety of items were waterproof.  We are very busy scientists who made some interesting discoveries.


Our Results!


We also tested food items during January as part of our food theme.  We learned that celery absorbs water and we proved it by using food colouring to the water and watching it over a few days to see it travelling to the top of the celery.  We also conducted experiments to test a variety of foods to see if they were bitter or sweet.  Some girls made funny faces when eating the lemons and limes  .






During our maths time we have been having great fun using playing cards and dominoes to help us with our sums.



Computer Room.


We are getting very good at controlling the mouse when we visit the computer room to work on the maths and reading games.



Me and my Monsters  🙂


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 



Addition Practice with Dominoes




Today in science class we investigated the colours that are in skittles. We watched the colours bleed out of the sweet when we added water and after had a chat about if the sweets were a healthy food for us.



Busy at maths today.


The girls enjoyed making their self portraits when working on the Theme of All about Me in Art this week.  They worked on the strand of Fabric and Fiber adding clothes and hair to their piece and we will hang them up in the room once they are dry.

We also did some science this week.  The girls learned all about the five senses and we completed some experiments by only using our sense of smell and taste.  We all agreed that vinegar had a very strong smell and that salt was not delicious!!



The girls covered their eyes so there would be no cheating!