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Junior Infants Pictures

On Thursday the 23rd of November we celebrated Thanksgiving! We have a lovely teacher called Ms Anderson helping in our class and she comes all the way from Michigan in the United States of America. She taught us all about the wonderful tradition of Thanksgiving that she celebrates every year. We made really cool turkeys and drew pictures of all the things we’re thankful for.





This week science week and Junior Infants have been learning all about their five senses! We had so much fun using our senses during these fun activities with Miss Anderson.


We used our sense of sight to find different things hidden in sand.

We used our sense of touch to feel and identify different textures.

We used our sense of hearing to figure out mystery sounds.

We used our sense of smell to identify different smells hidden in cotton wool.

We used our sense of taste to try out some yummy not so yummy food!

Look at all the fun we had!



Junior Infants had SO much fun dressing up on Friday the 27th of October for Halloween. Look at all our spooky costumes!


Our new Junior Infants have been learning all about sorting and matching different objects. Look how good we are!


We welcomed our new Junior Infants on the 31st of August this year. We are so excited to learn new things in school!