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Aistear Room






Play as a context for early learning and development:


Aistear A journey….    an  early childhood curriculum framework for Junior and Senior infants.  From next school year on  Aistear will be compulsory in all schools but Scoil Maria Assumpta  has already decided to enthusiastically embrace the programme.    Oral language , reading, maths and science are developed through play and incorporated in each session.

The rooms is colourfully decorated and very inviting. Props are brought out for different themes and plays.









Aistear aim to provide opportunities to cooperate and and develop friendships and practice turn taking, all through play

The word Aistear means ‘journey’.
It was chosen as a title for the curriculum framework for two reasons:
-We all start out on our learning journey on the day we’re born.
-Aistear describes our ‘learning destination’ using aims and  broad learning goals.
The purpose of Aistear is to describe the types of learning that are important for children in early childhood. The aim of Aistear is to help every child to grow and develop as a competent and confident learner.

These are the 4 main goals of Aistear and it proposes that they are achieved through the contexts of play and supported by caring, learning relationships with adults and peers.

In this way it makes very strong links between care and education in the early years and firmly establishes the child’s right to a safe, stimulating, nurturing and play-based environment.