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Active School Week

Active School Week 2018 has finally arrived!! On our first day we kicked off with “Last Person Standing”,whereby every pupil in the school did laps of the field to see who the last person standing would be. We were so impressed by the fitness levels of our girls and the effort everybody made. Huge credit must go to Clodagh O’Connor (3rd class), Sarah Slattery and Katie Cronin (5th class) who kept going for 40 minutes without stopping and were the last girls standing – very impressive girls!!

In the afternoon we held a “Penalties against Teacher” competition. Every child was so excited and determined to get a goal against their teacher and to get the opportunity to get through to the final later in the week to take a penalty against our principal, Miss Griffin. A lot of super goals were scored and also some impressive flexibility was shown by some of our teachers to pull off some great saves!!

On day 2 we started off with an obstacle course, designed by Cliona and Ola in 5th class. Each class were split in half and they went head to head against each other to complete the course. Everyone had loads of fun and really enjoyed taking part.

In the afternoon we held the penalties final. Each of our finalists got the opportunity to take a penalty against our very own super-keeper Miss Griffin, who arrived very well dressed for the occasion in her Maria Assumpta kit. The Cork City goalkeeper better watch out – there’s a new superstar in town!!!

On day 3 we linked up with Cork Sports Partnership and they sent out a representative to show the older classes how to play Tug of War. The girls learned the technique easily and showed great discipline in taking part.

In the afternoon we held a pupils vs. teachers obstacle race at the front of the school. Each teacher went head to head with pupils in her class – some took it more seriously than others!!

After lunch we had a water challenge. The pupils took great pleasure in dunking their teachers with water when the ball landed in their bucket. Great fun was had all round!


On day 4 the whole school took part in “Walk a mile with a smile”. We walked to the lough and did laps around it with big smiles on our faces 🙂

Later in the day each class took part in fun races. There was running, sack, 3-legged, piggy back, egg and spoon, bear crawl and wheel barrow races, to name but a few. Everyone was a winner on the day- it was all for fun!

Day 5 of Active School Week – our last day 🙁 The girls in the older classes paired up with the younger classes and took part in Active Orienteering. They had to search for clues and when they found them they had to do certain actions before moving on to the next clue – burpees, jumping jacks etc.

In the afternoon pupils from 1st-6th class took part in a Sports/Activity quiz in the hall.


Active School Week 2018 was a great success. A special thank you must go to the pupils on the Active School committee, pupils of 5th class and the Parents Association for helping to plan and run the activities all week. We are already looking forward to planning Active School Week 2019!!