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All of the children in the school got a lovely surprise on June 1st when an ice-cream van visited Scoil Maria Assumpta. There was great excitement when the van drove into the yard. The boys and girls and their teachers quickly formed a queue in order to get a delicious ice-cream cone with their favourite toppings. Then everyone sat at the picnic tables in the garden and enjoyed their cones. Thank you, Mrs. Griffin, for the tasty treat!

Earlier in the day, several of our pupils took part in the Cork City Sports at the CIT campus. Well done to everyone who competed in the events and ran so well in their races.

The Junior and Senior Infant classes had a lot of fun carrying out science experiments last week. The children used scientific methods to determine if a variety of objects would float or sink. They made predictions, carried out tests and carefully recorded the results of their experiments.

The pre-schoolers are always enthusiastic about exploring the natural world. The girls and boys planted some lovely lettuce and tomato plants recently which they brought home to share with their families. What a great time of year to eat some healthy salads!

The girls from Sixth Class got together with the Senior Infants for some nice reading and writing activities. Lots of interesting stories were read and the children collaborated to write their own short compositions on the topic of ‘Holidays’.

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